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Archive for September, 2008

Where are the Real-Life Women?

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

I’m a pretty even-keeled person but I have to say that the liberal feminists are really starting to get on my nerves. All the major leftist women’s groups were represented in a press conference this past week where they took aim at Senator McCain and Governor Palin for being against the best interests of women. What infuriates me is that these women claim to speak for all the women in this country when clearly they do not. They rant about “reproductive rights” when what they really advocate is the right to end reproduction at will by killing the unborn child, and they use this as the litmus test to declare who is for or against women. They also make the condescending claim that only uneducated women would vote for the McCain-Palin ticket.

My question is this: why aren’t more women publicly rebuking these arrogant, elitist females? (more…)

Messin’ with Jesus

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

Have you seen the Jack Link’s Beef Jerky commercial series, “Messin’ with Sasquatch“? Each commercial features a group of foolhardy people who stumble upon Sasquatch (Bigfoot) and decide to, well, mess with him. The normal human instinct as far as I’m concerned would be to hide or run but these folks are eating Jack Link’s Beef Jerky so they’re “feeding their wild side,” to paraphrase the commercial’s tagline, and can’t resist poking fun at the large but seemingly dim-witted creature. The antagonists, however, usually pay an embarrassing or painful price before the end of the commercial so in my view, the creature gets his way. I’m left to wonder if the beef jerky made these people stupid or were they already there to begin with?

That brings me to my point about liberals and Jesus Christ. Well before he announced for the Presidency, Senator Barack Obama declared the Democratic Party’s hostility toward people of faith had to end if they ever expected to regain political power. He seemed to understand the power of faith in people’s lives and spoke the language of faith with ease and comfort. Hopes were high that he would be the bridge between the Democrats and the evangelical community, especially the younger evangelicals who espouse a social agenda that includes the environment, poverty, disease, genocide and social justice along with the traditional hot-button issues of sanctity of life and the protection of traditional marriage. I believe he is sincere about people of faith being fully engaged in the political dialogue, but he didn’t count on the folks in the Democratic Party who are “feeding their wild side” and can’t resist antagonizing the faithful. Like the people in the commercials, they are varied but equally annoying: (more…)

Dirty Politics is a Redundant Term

Monday, September 15th, 2008

I remember back in the “peaceful” days of the Presidential primaries when John McCain and Barack Obama both expressed the hope that should they become the nominees of their respective parties, theirs would be one of the most respectful campaigns in U.S. history. There was reason to hope that would be the case given the histories and words of the two men. John McCain built his reputation on honor and “straight talk” and has never hesitated to take a stand opposite that of his party if he believed the cause was right. Barack Obama roared to national prominence on a powerful speech at the Democratic convention in 2004 in which he spoke of “the United States of America” rather than the hues of red and blue that divide us or the “two Americas” of John Edwards’ two failed campaigns for the Presidency. Moreover, his entire campaign for President has been built around his commitment to unity and a post-partisan approach to politics and governing. The promise for a different kind of election process was high.

Well, here we are today and that promise lies broken and bleeding at the bottom of the pit that is the American electoral process. I’m not here to argue who started it – that would be juvenile and unproductive and we’d just start mimicking what the candidates and their campaigns are doing to each other. What’s clear is when one charge or insult is levied, a counter-charge is sure to follow and there’s no end to the vicious cycle once it’s set in motion. Let me give you just one example. (more…)

Feminist Bigots

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

There’s been so much sniffing of noses by left-wing female politicians, reporters and lobbyists since Senator McCain nominated Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska to be his running mate that I’ve been tempted to offer them Kleenex in bulk, purchased from Sam’s Club of course! (more…)

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